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 Welcome to the Ara Korea Film Festival.

 Hottest festival in the world to help filmmakers find a market to support their aims with people attending that can give good solid advice to work with established film industry professionals if you wish, screening, networking, world hottest international awards ceremony, we have created first year a unique festival for filmmakers to network, do business film industry with us.

 We have built a small but exceptional professional network of industry professional that will look at all films and will give business and commercial advice, in some cases the distributors attending will make offers to the filmmakers for their work and to work together to put your movies in the market place, we have the people and skills in our professional team to make this happen, if the professional attending feel there is a market for your movie, they will as with many films over the years of our other festival make it happen.

 We offer filmmakers, we can create a ripple for your movie to be seen around the world, it all starts here by entering your movie.

Awards & Prizes

 There will be a prize awarded to the winning film in competition (competition films are selected by Ara Korea staff members). There will be a five person jury with five to nine films in competition and the winning film will be announced during the festival. (If the judges’ results are not good, there will be no awards and prizes.)


 We notify Selected Submissions Early by Email

 -Prizes and Certificates for a Winner in each Category

 We support the jewelry worn by Superstars at TIKOONZ and ICE which are the spoilers of the Ara Korea International Film Festival. These jewelry will become valuable assets that cannot be priceless as time goes by(only one in the world).

Rules & Terms

 We created this magical festival which includes everything so that we can better promote your Talent to wider audiences in Celebration of all types of creativity.

 From Ages 10 and up, Filmmakers may submit from anywhere in the world. Non-English Audio Must have English Subtitles. You can submit as an individual, group, organization, club, program, institution, or small business.

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